Thursday, October 2, 2008

Working with a ......

I have a real hard time feeling any type of sympathy for my co-worker. She complained to me today that she received ONLY $600 of her child support this month.

(Blank stare, internal cursing & feet stomping)

ONLY $600???? Wow.

I know that everything is relative and there is a reason she gets what she does, but Holy child support Batman! She went on and on about having to reel things in because her ex couldn't pay the full amount and it put her in a bind and blah blah blah, cry me a fucking river.

I get $174 a month. That is all. The child support I get every month does not even cover my sons monthly braces payment let alone his 4 different medications or any other cost.

I was so jealous of her my head almost popped off.

Jealous. Gah. Whine. Pout.


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Real Live Lesbian said...

(rolls eyes)

Poor girl. It must be hard to get by. She probably has to pay for her own BMW.