Thursday, October 16, 2008

But I no have

Molly and I have settled into a nightly routine that I hope will last a couple more (10) years. I will put her in pajamas, we go into the bedroom and I will put on my pajamas while she crawls into bed and then we read a couple of books before going to sleep.

I am enjoying this alone time with her more than I thought I would. We snuggle up and talk about the book were reading and she identifies the pictures and she gives me hugs and kisses and tells me that she loves me. Who wouldn't love that kind of attention from an aloof 2 year old? Lin is clearly her favorite, but at bedtime she asks for me. Being the favorite if only for a little while makes all of the crap from the day melt away. And as my friend Monty the redneck would say "That makes me happier than a puppy with two peckers." I'm not sure what that means except really freakin' happy.

Last night after I put on my silk night shirt she touched it and said "Ooohhhh soft". I said "Yes, it's very soft" and she reached out to rub the shirt, and patted my left tata instead. Then she said "Boobies. Mommy's boobies."

Then she lifted up her shirt, looked at her chest then looked at my chest and said "But I no have boobies!"

She was very upset about it. I can't believe body image issues start this early. I'm in so much trouble in about 10 years. Or less.



Real Live Lesbian said...

Sweet! It must be heaven to be the favorite for a little while!

What? No pictures? LOL

Rage Angel said...

LOL! Absolutely no pictures.