Friday, October 10, 2008

So I bought another.....

Let me just start by saying that I'm not big on politics. I try to do my part by keeping up with issues and weighing both sides in an effort to make informed decisions. I don't preach to anyone about my ideals and beliefs and I won't listen to others who try to preach to me. I don't judge others for how they feel or how they choose to vote. It's none of my business.

This election has me more stirred up than any other election. I think it's the thought of Sarah Palin being in a position that might make her the leader of our country, and frankly, that scares the hell out of me. Initially I was so happy to learn that a woman would be running for VP because it meant that this election will be a great one in the history books. We will either have a black man in the oval office or a woman as the President's right hand. I was absolutely thrilled. The only thing that would make this election better is if Obama were a black gay woman. Now THAT would change history in great proportions. Of course, like many people, after getting a glimpse of the kind of person she is and the kind of politics Palin stands for I'm extremely fearful of her being in ANY type of leadership role let alone the position of VP. This woman is scary. Okay, my feelings on Palin could be an entire blog post on it's own. Moving on.

This election I decided to get a little more involved. Maybe involved is too strong of a word, I should probably say I decided to show my colors this time around. I went out and purchased a yard sign. A simple yard sign that said "Obama/Biden". Nothing fancy, just a sign to show my support. Everywhere you look people have political signs adorning their yards or car bumpers, making their political affiliation public knowledge. When I asked Lin if she was okay with a yard sign, she expressed concern about our house getting egged or being vandalized. Although I felt she had legitimate concerns, it really never crossed my mind that something along those lines would ever happen. We were go for a yard sign. A yard sign that I paid $5.00 for. A sign that I purchased during my lunch break instead of getting something to eat. A sign that would be displayed proudly on my gay front lawn.

I had to pick my son up from school after I purchased the sign, so when I dropped him off at home I installed my Obama sign. I put it about 10 feet from the street and about 2 feet from the driveway. It wasn't so close to the street that someone driving by could grab it but close enough that it would be noticed by anyone who passed by. As I drove away I was very proud of that sign. I was showing my support and my neighbors and those who drove down my street would know exactly who I will be voting for this year. It was my first political yard sign. I felt so grown up, so satisfied with the political party I had chosen to support, so happy to know that my opinion, my vote will make a difference. If nothing else, my vote cancels out some McCain lovin' Republicans vote. Satisfaction baby. I has it.

I woke up this morning in a pretty good mood. It's Friday after all, my co-worker has the day off and it's OU/Texas weekend. Those of you who know me, understand without a doubt what a treat it is for me that my co-worker is not here today. The word "Joy" comes to mind. We have no plans this weekend to speak of with the exception of Eugene, who will be attending a youth rally at church tomorrow. I want to lounge around the house in my sweatpants with my hair up in a ponytail, color with my daughter and work crossword puzzles with my lovely girlfriend. Ahh yes, it was a good mood indeed. The mood did not last long.

I was violated. I feel betrayed, preyed upon and victimized.

Some douche-nozzle stole my Obama yard sign. Not only did they steal my sign, but every Democratic yard sign on not only my block but several blocks. The only signs left were in support of various Republican candidates. It's not hard to figure out what type of person did the thieving. Some idiot Republican who thinks stealing yard signs is going help their political party. I have some news for you Palin pushin' asshats. You have done nothing but ensure that I will do everything possible to make sure that not only will I vote for Obama and every single person on the Democratic ticket but I will also make sure to tell everyone I know that all of the Obama yard signs in my neighborhood were stolen by a dickhead, obviously morally challenged Republican. (It's not like you've never heard of a morally challenged shouldn't come as a surprise.)

Then, I will go purchase another Obama yard sign which in turn will bring more money to the Democratic party which will only help get Obama's message to more people, resulting in more votes which creates a path right to the White House. So, you flea-bitten scumbag sign stealer, your efforts are all in vain and your thievery has backfired. How do you like me now?

I'm sure some Republican out there is going to say that us Democrats swiped our own signs in order to blame it on the Republicans and make them look bad. That's like saying I gave myself a bad haircut to make it seem like a have a shitty hairdresser.

Yeah, I know. It doesn't make sense.

Neither does voting for McCain & Palin.


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