Thursday, October 23, 2008

Un-inspirational blogger

A while back I followed a blogger. I won't give out her information as she is still an active blogger with a large following and I'm just not up to people accusing me of attacking her, even if they are right.

She and I have the same medical condition which is why I started following her. That, and the fact that she is a lesbian and was trying to get pregnant at the same time that I was. We also both suffered a miscarriage right around the same time. Our worlds seems to have been revolving around each other.

At first, I could totally relate to everything she was going through. From the physically draining medical condition to the frustration of not being able to get pregnant on the first or the millionth try. I could sympathize with almost everything. She was my voice. Someone KNEW exactly what I was going through.

As time went on and I kept reading her blog I noticed that each post was a carry over from the previous one. The same complaints, the same angry and frustrated ramblings. Every single post. Eventually we both got pregnant and we both had healthy babies. I continued to follow her blog faithfully. But her complaints continued. Every day. Every post. The same thing. Complain, whine, bitching and moaning about the exact same things.

She wasn't just a broken record, she was a broken record that was super glued to the turntable with a direct wire into an electric outlet. It never fucking stopped. I can't believe this woman didn't just pack it all in, take a flying leap and end it all. She made me want to open a vein.

So one day I decided I had enough. I just couldn't read one more depressing entry about how horrible her body feels, her guilt about not being the perfect mother, her frustrations with her partner, how overwhelmed life is, problems with her step-child, the unhealthy way she hung onto the pregnancy she lost, even her post titles reflected her daily self-deprecation. "Denial", "Depression", "Anger". I stopped reading her blog. I had to.

It had been well over a year since I read her blog. Long enough that it took me 3 days to remember the title of her blog. I thought I would just hop over there and see what was going on in her life and not surprisingly it is the same old shit. Only now it's complaining about having to return to work, toddler woes, more depression, etc...etc..., just shoot me in the head now. How can one person continually be so negative about EVERYTHING? It has to be exhausting to complain so much.

I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her partner. I feel sorry for her readers. I don't understand how she has kept so many followers. Get some counseling or something but STOP IT! The lady can do some serious bubble busting. She even said in one of her posts that she was a pathetic blogger.

Unfortunately I couldn't agree more.



Real Live Lesbian said...

I *hate* people like that. They just suck you dry.

Glad you ran!

Rage Angel said...

I'm glad I ran too.