Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ahh, blah, blech, eww

I hate it when my period sneaks up on me. Not only did I not get any cramps, or bloating, or cramps (did I mention cramps? because there were NONE) but it came a whole 5 days early. I am so stinkin` lucky! Like I said it snuck up on me and I've had to wear my shawl around my waist all day. Some days I just LOVE being a girl.

I was fine one minute and then all of the sudden... EVERYBODY OUT OF THE POOL!

Did I mention that I'm wearing my brand new slacks? Never been worn before today? Karma, you there? I get it, now get off my back and out of my underwear. You bitch.

Luckily the PMS did not pass me by. But I think you figured that one out for yourself.


I have been extraordinarily busy. My favorite (haha) co-worker has been at home sick for 2 days and I am so amazed by the amount of actual work I have managed to get done in her absence. I'm very proud of myself, and for some reason (CLUE? hello?) it dawned on me that while she is here SHE SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF ME and I can't get anything done. I hope she stays home again tomorrow. Maybe I'll make a good showing right before my yearly review. How awesome am I?


Tomorrow night the nursing home is hosting a Halloween Party. I can't wait! It's going to be so awesome hanging out with the elderly and taking their candy while the smell of urine and Pine Sol linger in the air.

Friday night is Trick or Treat time for the kiddos and I'm looking forward to seeing Molly's face while she is running around like a heathen asking weirdos for candy. Then I can't wait to raid her stash because I am an awesome mom and I'm just trying to save her teeth. Yeah, that's it. Her teeth. Saving.

Saturday is ROAD TRIP time! Were going to a friends house over 2 hours away in the country for a bon fire. Cuddling up around a giant fire roasting marshmallows is just the mini-vacation I need. It will be a busy weekend but I am so ready for it.

Hell, maybe I'll get lucky and co-worker will be gone on Friday as well.

A girl can dream right?


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