Friday, January 9, 2009


Actual conversation:

After Amanda's sister left....

Amanda: God, let me just tell you that I hate that my sister is so skinny. We had the same parents and she's this bean pole and I'm not. She has three kids and is still so skinny. She eats anything she wants, how much she wants and she constantly has candy around the house. She is always making deserts and she never has to exercise. I just hate it.

Me: Didn't you once tell me that she has stomach issues and spends a lot of time on the toilet because food goes right through her?

Amanda: Well yeah, but hell, if I thought having constant diarrhea would work I would start taking laxatives right now.

Me: Well, if you end up doing that, your going to have to use a different bathroom.

She gave me a dirty look like I was the one who was out of line.


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