Thursday, January 8, 2009


I am an office manager for a non-profit. That's pretty much all I am going to say about who I work for, I would prefer that my job stays private because of this here blog. We are building a new facility. It's a huge facility but the administrative offices are pretty small. I was able to go inside and see the progress of the facility today and I left angry.

By the time we are able to move into the new space I will have worked for this company for almost 5 years. I am not a secretary and I'm not a receptionist. I am the office manager. What this means is that I am the entire human resources department, the entire payroll department, the entire accounting department, the entire A/P, A/R department, taker of minutes, scheduler of meetings, and a whole host of other responsilities that would take forever to list. I am a very busy person despite the fact that I joke around about being a bad employee. I do my job, and I'm very good at it.

That being said, when I saw how small my "area" of the new facility was I wanted to cry. I have a very small "receptionist" space and I have to share that space with my assistant, the copy machine, 3 printers, fax machine, postage machine, filing cabinets, etc.

That's not the only problem. There will be an empty office that I do not get to be in. I would think that after 5 years of hard work and loyalty that I have earned the right to have my own fucking office instead of the receptionist spot. I have repeated time after time that we need a full time receptionist so I can spend more time on the important things. I already have a part time assistant, it would not add an unreasonable amount to the budget to go ahead and hire someone full time.

I'm so angry and frustrated. I don't understand why my boss doesn't see me as a valuable asset that deserves her own office. The empty office will remain empty because we don't have it in our budget to hire a person for the position "reserved" for that space.

God damnit I'm so fucking pissed off. I have 6 months to figure out a way to convince my boss I deserve that office and to hire a full time receptionist.


No, I don't fucking feel better after that.


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