Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Update Part II

Saturday Dec. 27th: An hour & 15 minute road trip for Jesse's grandmothers funeral. 6 of us packed into the van. Thankfully, no one had gas. We had lunch with the ENTIRE (20+)family before the funeral and I ate some really bad pizza. The funeral was short and sweet, but Jesse left her glasses in the van and I had to pin a rose pendant onto her grandmothers lapel. *shudder* (I see sawed back and forth between "Don't touch her" and "Breathe Kathy breathe!" After a short few minutes of crying and hugging and wiping our snotty noses we headed back home. We rested for less than an hour before we loaded up the kids again and met everyone for Chinese food. Now that was a fun evening. It was good food and good chatting, but the best part was making the reservation on the way home from the funeral. Jesse's family name is the same as a particular Asian name and when I gave the name for the reservation, the gentleman on the other end of the phone asked me if we were American or Asian. *blink* WTF does it matter? Will we get a different table if I say Asian? What if I say 10 of us are American and the other two are Korean would that have made a difference? I of course said "American."

Then everyone started laughing and asked if he really asked if we were Asian or American. I of course said "Yes." Then they all started laughing again.

You have to understand that 30 minutes earlier there was a great story about going to a restaurant and when they asked for a name to put down because there was a wait, he said "Jesus, party of 12." and everyone laughed their ass off. You just had to have been there. It was funny, trust me.

Sunday Dec. 27th: Jesse had to work, I was so sick of Christmas that Eugene and I packed up every stinking Christmas decoration in the house and put it in the attic. Ahhhh life back to normal. Oh..and I took a nap with Molly. Awesome!

It's now January 5th and I'm back to work *cough*. Busy at my desk. Working hard. Catching up. About to kick my co-workers ass. That's another story.

I'm full of stories with not enough time to share them all. Or finger stamina.

Later bitches.


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