Saturday, February 9, 2008

Granny is a lesbo

Last night I had to pick up some framed posters at Hobby Lobby. While waiting for the clueless girl behind the framing counter to find the posters a much older woman walked up to the counter. By "much" older I mean her wrinkles had wrinkles. She was at least 75 if not older.

Her hair was silver/white and cut high & tight. She wore a mens button up flannel (why is it always flannel?) shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. Over that she wore a jean jacket and she was carrying a small backpack rather than a purse. She was wearing faded blue jeans and worn out hiking boots. To the untrained eye she probably didn't garner a second look, but as soon as I saw that her wallet was hooked to a chain and the chain dangled against her hip, there was no doubt in my mind that she had received her free toaster upon her membership to the sisterhood.

Her face was full of character and her crows feet were prominent. In my mind they showed how much happiness and laughter she has had in her life. Hopefully it was happiness from being with the woman she loves. Her face was aged and I'm sure she was wise beyond my years, a wisdom I can only hope to achieve someday.

I don't know what type of picture she had framed, but I would like to think that it was something sentimental. Maybe something a partner had created just for her. Maybe she was the artist and painted a picture of the love of her life. I didn't stay long enough to find out, I wish I had. But then again, what if the picture had been a giant green chicken doing the Macarena? It would have ruined the idea I had of her in my head.

Will my beautiful girlfriend be as aged, graceful and wise as I had pictured this woman to be? I certainly hope so. When she is 75 or 80 I hope Lin is still wearing her boots, faded blue jeans and letting the chain on her wallet dangle against her hip. I'm certain that she will still turn me on, that I will still get butterflies in my stomach when she looks at me and that I will still have the desire to kiss her soft lips.

Thanks little old lady in the Hobby Lobby store. I owe you one


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