Monday, February 25, 2008

How to annoy the ever lovin' shit out of me.

Here's a hint: When I ask you if you are pooping and your reply is for your face to turn red and say "no" while grunting, I'm so not buying your answer.

Take the 2 chocolate kisses from MY mug that is sitting on MY desk WITHOUT PERMISSION. Gah! Fart knocker.

Refer to me as a receptionist ONE MORE TIME and we'll see what kind of "reception" you get tomorrow when you open your desk. OFFICE MANAGER! Say it with me! OFFICE MANAGER!

Tell me I'm going to laugh my ass off. Imagine my surprise when I didn't!

Talk to me from another room and then expect me to hear. I'm laughing at you in the other room because you would think after 7 years you would get that I CAN'T HEAR YOU!! Annoying!!!!

The song Umbrella ella ella is annoying ing ing ing.

Be a contestant on a reality show and then complain about how you were betrayed and it's not fair and whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeee. Did you not watch the show the eleventy billion times it was on in the past 10 years? Did you not understand what it was about? I'm thinking your a sore loser and your ass so didn't look fat in that bikini. I SWEAR!

Insert the phrase "I meant" into every sentence you say because I meant I obviously didn't know what you meant.

All of the television stations conspired against me to show commercials at the same time making my "previous channel" button null and void. Fuckers.

Dora! Gah! I will not help you go over muddy mountain, through the farting forest, to Benny's fucking barn 'o fun! Oh and I killed the map, the map, the map, the map, the map.

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