Friday, February 15, 2008

Dora! Diapers! Hate!

A while back we got the bright idea to buy Molly the pull up type of diaper because she is so smart and surely this whole potty training thing will be a snap. Stupid foolish girls we were. She hated them. HATE. So I put them in a plastic bag and hung them on her coat rack. Did you read that? "potty training thing will be a snap". I deserve to be bitch slapped.

I guess she just wasn't ready for them and why should she be? She's getting too much enjoyment out of tearing off her regular diapers, throwing them at me and running down the hall while peeing on my carpet and then freaking out because OH MY GOD THERE IS PEE ON MY LEG! MY SKIN IS MELTING OFF! AM GOING TO DIE!

I was cleaning her room the other day and found a whole bag of diapers. Her size! What luck! I took them into the living room to ask Lin where they came from and then it dawned on me that they were the pull-ups that we put away, but I had already made a fatal mistake.

Molly saw them, they have DORA! on them. She freaked completely out when I tried to stuff it back in the bag and act all innocent like oh no it totally wasn't Dora! and you are out of your mind little girl. Yeah, it soooo didn't work. So I caved and gave one to her and she smiled and then I realized that her smile is why we are going to be in so much trouble when she's a teenager.


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