Friday, February 6, 2009

We should rename my blog "I hate my co-worker"

Wow. I never in my life thought that I would complain so much about Cruella, but this woman lives in her own world. And if I hear her say "While I appreciate the fact that you're trying to help..." one more time I might just have to say "While I appreciate your attempt to be a decent human being, you are failing miserably and I need to unhook your battery."

Yesterday she was making phone calls on company time trying to find an organization that would help a family pay their medical bills (because her father takes it upon himself to help strays and wayward families). During the phone calls she said what her name was and that she worked for "XYZ Company".

My internal alarm bells started going off so when she got off the phone I asked her who she was making the calls for and instead of just saying "My dad" she gave me a 5 minute explanation about her father taking in strays and helping out the homeless and that he always has some sort of project going to help people and this one time he...... after that it was all blah blah blah.

Before I let her finish her little speech I had to interrupt and I said "So your answer is your dad." Was I being a bitch? I'm so sick of her long winded back stories. She over explains everything and I just don't have that kind of time.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that she has a big enough heart to try to help some people out but she was misrepresenting our company.

Our company is not trying to help this family and the fact that she is dropping our name makes it sound like we are behind this endeavor. It's misleading and dishonest. This was a personal matter and she should have never said our company name out loud.

So I called her on it. The thing about finally speaking out and standing up to your co-worker is that it gets easier every time you do it. I told her that I felt it was a misrepresentation of us because our company was not seeking help on their behalf and that her name dropping was inappropriate. She said she didn't intend for it to sound that way. I said "okay" and left it at that.

10 minutes later.... "While appreciate the fact that you spoke up about how you felt, I would prefer it if you wouldn't say "okay" and just tell me what you think. Tell me that you think it's wrong or tell me anything, but just don't say "okay" and then walk away.

She had a good point. I hated her for it. I wanted to poke out her eyes and cram them up her nose.

So I told her that I thought it was inappropriate to misrepresent who you are calling on behalf of because our company had nothing to do with it and she shouldn't have name dropped.

I could go on and on because let me just tell you, Cruella can beat a subject to death. She will talk about any given thing so much that you finally just give in because apparently, telling her to shut the fuck up would be wrong. At least that's what they tell me. I'm not so sure. It would seem to be an effective tool if you ask me.

I tried my hardest not to speak to her for the rest of the day. Why I let this person ruin my mood and get under my skin so much I will never know. What I do know is that almost every person in the company who has had the guts to say it out loud has said they don't like her and wouldn't trust her for anything.

So in the end I'm not the only one who has problems with her. It seems 99% of our staff feel the same way. They are fortunate not to have to share an office with her. I know more about wedding planning than I ever cared to. Just like everyday, she's going to show me something wedding related and I'm going to tell her that it's ugly and that I can't believe she would have that at her wedding.

Maybe she will be the one who leaves the office angry and blue. I think it's her turn now.


5 comments: said...

Girl I feel your pain - this chick in my office is shopping for body bags.

Kathy said...

She's driving me nuts. We've already had two arguments today. She creates drama.

Real Live Lesbian said...

What an asshat! Is ripping her head off and spitting down her throat an option? ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could tell her: "Jane, from this point forward I would appreciate it if we kept our interations within a strictly professional arena. You bring a lot of personal issues to work, and people are talking about it. When you deal with personal business on company time, I won't comment anymore, but I don't want to be inolved either, because I know our managers are concerned about it. So I will be more than happy to assist you in work-related matters, but on anything else, I prefer to stay silent." Then, take notes on, with dates, every personal matter she has ever dealt with on company time that you can remember, and take notes on anything she does from this point forward. If she asks you what your doing, tell her, and say you are protecting yourself from being drawn into a manager-related area of concern. She'll hate you. But she'll stop. (Make sure your computer's password is secure and your drawers locked.)

Anonymous said...

You're wrong. her private conversations are not your business. I would have told you straight up unless you are her direct supervisor, which I bet you're not and just some busy body.

She's trying to help people. every company I ever worked for has charitable events. i see no difference if she chooses to do so and use her company name anyway. not to mention she was probably just talking