Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I probably should have thought about this before my tolerance for my co-worker wore thin and before I grew a pair of nubbin balls and told her she was wasting staff meeting time. Arrggggg arrgggggg.

What I have done has slowly sunk in and there is a knot in the pit of my stomach. I have realized that Cruella will not take any of this lightly. She holds a grudge and she will seek revenge. That revenge will probably be in the form of attempting to humiliate me in front of an audience of as many people as she can gather. She will lie in wait, licking her hands like a lioness plotting her next kill. She will let the the little opportunities pass by like field mice all the while licking her chops knowing that an antelope will soon turn that corner. Oh yes, she's waiting to pounce and she will go for the jugular and she won't stop chomping until I'm thoroughly humiliated. Then she will lick her lips in satisfaction over her triumphant kill, preen herself and pull her shoulders back with pride because she stuck it to me good.

It's unfortunate that I feel this way about her. Knowing that every time I stand up to her or say something she doesn't want to hear that she will get back at me one way or the other. Now that I have spoken up it seems that I have thrown down the gauntlet and there is no picking it back up and saying "Haha, just kidding you great person you!" So now I have to own what I did, stand behind it and continue to speak up. Otherwise she will continue to goad me into these trivial little games she plays. What games? Let me give you an example or 20.

Situation #1.

We have a meeting that starts in 10 minutes. Cruella is on her way out and stops at my desk and asks "Can I help you with something?" I say "Sure, can you make 10 copies of this?" "No problem." She replies. She makes my 10 copies and then leaves to go to the meeting. I am literally 1 minute behind her. When we arrive to the meeting she announces to everyone "Sorry, I'm late. I had to help Kathy get ready for this meeting."

It took her doing that 3 times before I figured out what she was doing. She was running behind for all of these meetings and offered her assistance in order to blame me for her being tardy and unprepared. Picture me realizing what she was doing and then being unable to say "That fucking bitch." in my out loud voice. I thought my head was going to explode.

Situation #2.

We had some items go missing from one of our facilities that had to be closed down. I made a passing joke to Cruella that maybe I should call the former employees and just make sure I have their correct address for the "police investigation" to maybe scare someone into returning the items. It was a flip comment and I had no intention of taking that statement to my boss. It was kind of a joke. 30 minutes later we are both in a meeting with our boss and Cruella opened her big fat smelly mouth and said "Kathy had this idea that......" and then went on to explain what I had said. I should have known that she would do this because it's not the first time she has ratted me out about something I said. So, I felt that I had to own the comment and my boss kind of snickered about it and said maybe we should do something like that.

This is where she totally drives a knife into my back. She said that she thought it was a bad idea, talked about why it was a bad idea and then provided her own solution to retrieve the missing items. Now I have no problem with her telling us her ideas. If she has a solution to a problem then that is just great, but she threw me under the bus and intentionally tried to make me look bad before she told us her brilliant idea that was so much better than mine. That just isn't cool. I will make sure that if I am in the room and can stop her, she will never do that to me again. It was humiliating to say the least. The second she says "Kathy said..." I am going to give her a verbal smack down.

In the end, I had the last laugh. I proceeded with my idea and it worked. The missing items were "miraculously" found.

These are just 2 of the many examples of why I hate her so much. I know that hate is such a strong word, but when she uses people the way she does it evokes very strong emotions. I think she's fake and she gives off the impression that she is better than you. To me she is white trash trying to live a life of status that she only received (in her head) once she became engaged to her fiance who is an up and coming member of society who works for a prestigious local firm.

You can take the girl off the farm and put her in a party dress but she's still going to say "Yee haw."



Meg said...

That crazy stupid bitch!!

Tina-cious.com said...


Oh hell now -- I would contradict every lie. Fuck it.

I hate people that throw people under the bus for their own gain... or for ANY reason!