Monday, February 2, 2009

I did it!


First of all, like the new layout? I love it! It's pink! I will make a few changes here and there when I get the chance, but for now I love it.....

My title. Your wondering what it means right? You are on your seat with anticipation right? Your salivating just at the mere thought that I am about to tell you something profound. Right? Well, here it is.

I finally told my co-worker to shut up. Sort of. Well, not really. But kind of!

Here's the thing. At our staff meeting this morning she rattled on and on about a project that is going on and it had nothing to do with the rest of the staff in the room. The subject could have been addressed in her regular meeting with our boss. Why she chose to waste time during this meeting I just don't know but she does it A LOT. I think she wasted 20 minutes today. Meanwhile, me and another co-worker were exchanging funny looks and we finally had to look away from each other lest we start falling out of our chairs in a fit of manic giggling.

I would have hated having to explain that to my boss.

I told her that I felt subjects that do not involve the rest of the staff wastes staff meeting time and the information could have been given to our boss at their regular meeting. It left the rest of us doodling in our notebooks and checking our watches. I finally had to speak up about it.

See those little nubbins? Those are my balls. You need a magnifying glass, but by golly they are there. And their all mine.

Let's see what happens with my co-worker. Something tells me she will do something to get back at me.


So! After stewing about what I said this morning, my co-worker came to me, sat in the chair in front of me and started talking. Let me start this by saying that when she needs to convince someone that she is sick, or that she feels personally "injured" her voice drops real low, soft and rough. So that is how it started. With "the voice".

"First, I want to thank you for being mindful of the time I wasted talking about something that should have been a direct conversation. I try to be aware of those things so I appreciate you helping me. The reason I spoke about that topic during our staff meeting is because it was new information on Friday and I had not had a chance to speak with Harold (our boss) and I wanted to make sure that he had all of the information. I don't want to have to go into his office 10 times a day every time I have new information so I thought I would be bugging him less, whereas the other staff only talk to him a couple of times per week. But again, I want you to know that I am thankful that you are there to make sure I'm not wasting precious time that could be used for more productive purposes."

I just have one thing to say about that. Fuck off.

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You must be hosting your images on flickr, imageshack or photobucket...

Those are all blocked at work (which is my prime reading ground).

Le sigh... I'll try to remember to come back! LOL