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Pregnancy Part 1 - Pregnancy & Miscarriage

I will be transferring my pregnancy diary to this blog from it's previous home so I can delete the old and carry on with the new.

The following took place in 2005

February 3rd Thur. - Day of insemination. Everything went well, I have the normal cramping/bloating feeling that is normal after the procedure. Praying that this time it will take. I don't know how many more times my head and my heart can do this.

February 4th Fri. - 1 DPO (Day Post Ovulation) At about 4:00 am I had a pretty bad cramp on my right side, enough to wake me up and them my moans of pain woke Jesse up. Normal bloating sensation and I craved orange juice which was kind of weird. I had right breast twinges/pain, headache, and weird "leaking" sensations. More cramping. Trying not to read too much into anything because Holy hell it has only been 1 day. Fuck this patience shit. It's for the birds.

February 5th Sat. - 2 DPO - I actually took a 2 hour nap! That rarely happens for me, I also had some slight heartburn late in the evening. Still hating the wait. Looking for symptoms that I know won't be there yet. Have I said this waiting shit is for the birds?

February 6th Sun. - 3 DPO - Nipple tenderness, and severe mood swing . OMG I'm dying with this symptom shit. Why can't we have a little turkey pop up thingy to tell us if were baking or not? Too many cooking references? The wait. Oh the wait.

February 7th Mon. - 4 DPO - Nipple tenderness still, "Full" feeling in lower abdomen, sudden pain above pelvic bone, cramping, slight nausea around 11:00 am, frequent urination (not sure if pregnancy related or just too much to drink). Birds and more birds.

February 8th Tues. - 5 DPO - I had a temperature spike this morning, and wasn't for sure what it meant so I had to do some research. The spike is indicative of implantation. BUT that isn't fool proof. We'll have to see what my temps do for the next few days. Some women get a temp spike and aren't pregnant, but it could be a good sign. I'm definitely hormonal today, I've cried twice and it's only 10:00 am. Could be pregnancy hormones, but it could just be regular old PMS! My cheeks also felt flush and I may have had a dizzy spell, it was a real quick "rush" type of feeling. I also had cramping in the afternoon, and a little bit of creamy CM. Have I mentioned that the waiting is the worst!

February 9th Wed. - 6DPO - I woke up early with heavy cramping. This isn't the type of cramping I've had the last 5 days. It's a much heavier cramp, and it feels deeper than the previous cramps. It is all across my lower abdomen, and it feels the same as cramping on the first day of your period. It made my spirits drop and I almost gave up hope on everything. The cramping has not stopped, it is continuous. I have no other symptoms. I'm still hopeful, but I'm not as positive as I was previously. (Okay, who am I kidding, positive? LMAO I'm so full of shit) I also got sick to my stomach, I don't know if that is true nausea or that I was sick to my stomach because my cramps hurt so bad. I had another temperature spike of .1 degree, I hope that is a good sign. I can only keep my fingers crossed at this point.

February 10th Thur. - 7DPO- The heavy cramps finally went away last night to be replaced with the normal cramps I've been having. I did have another temp spike of .1 degrees again, so thats a temp spike 3 days in a row, my cycle is definitely triphasic which is a really good sign. I am a tad bit constipated today as well..which is also another symptom. Coincidence? I sure hope not!! Other than that, I'm having no other symptoms. I do have info that might be relevant I just don't know. Usually I am awake long before the alarm clock goes off, and I will doze and wake up, doze and wake up. This morning I slept all the way through the night and the alarm clock woke me up. That doesn't happen often. More tired? I wish I knew!!! Only 5 more days and I might do an HPT. I may wait 7 days just to be sure. I would rather get my period than see a negative HPT!

February 11th Fri. - 8DPO - Well, my temperature dipped .2 degrees today. That isn't necessarily bad news, I kind of expected it after looking at other women's temp charts online. Today I have mild cramps, barely noticeable in the morning, but increasing as the day progresses. I don't know if that's good or bad. I am a bit moody today, but my back and hip hurts so that may be why. I am a bit discouraged today because of lack of symptoms, but I'm not giving up yet. After all, some women don't have any symptoms until after they miss their period. I hope the weekend brings good news. I will be in class all weekend, hopefully that will make the time go by really fast.

February 12th & 13th Sat & Sun - 9 & 10 DPO - Cramps eased off on 12th, totally disappearing on 13th. No symptoms whatsoever! Not very hopeful. Temps went back up after dip, staying the same on both days. Took an EPT knowing that it was too early, it was negative of course. Hoping to not give in to the temptation to test again.

February 14th Mon. - 11 DPO - No cramps in the morning. No symptoms. My temp dipped .5 degrees...not a good sign. Late afternoon, cramps started and are getting heavier as the day goes on. My face feels "flushed", I'm having to put my coke can on my face to feel better. Not sure if my body is hot, or the office is hot. Looked at my calendar and realized today is day 28 of my cycle. My period should arrive today according to my last period, but not until Wednesday according to the 14 day rule for ovulation. So if I don't start at all today, I will have a glimmer of hope. I will probably wait until Thursday to test. KEEPING FINGERS CROSSED TIGHT!!!

February 15th Tues. - 12 DPO - Well my temp is the same as yesterday. I guess it's a good thing that it didn't drop more. I didn't get my period yesterday, but that only makes me assume that I will get it tomorrow on the 14th day after ovulation. I suppose we'll see. I do have cramping again today, but that could mean anything. I don't know if I've gotten so upset today worrying about everything, but my stomach is in an uproar! My stomach hurts and I'm a bit nauseated. Do I think I'm pregnant? No, not really, I think I've gotten myself into such an emotional state that I've made myself sick. I wish I could calm down. I guess in 2 days I will either be calm or excited. Either way I hope to feel better...unless I have morning sickness...then I'll be just as happy!!

February 16th Wed. - 13 DPO - Ended up spotting a little last night but no spotting today! AF is supposed to arrive this afternoon. BIG GRIN! My temp spiked as well. I'm not sure what all of this means, but at this point I'm very hopeful.

February 17th Thur. - 14 DPO - I did end up having some spotting last night that was a bit heavier than the previous spotting. Still cramping somewhat. Nothing major. Had a small temp dip this morning, again nothing major. I half expected it to drop real low to indicate that my period would arrive today, but it didn't. I am literally on pins and needles just waiting for something to happen. I'm afraid to take an HPT, I just can't handle a negative!! If my period doesn't arrive, I will probably hold out until Saturday or Sunday to test...just to be sure.

February 18th Fri - 15 DPO - Okay, my temp is the same as yesterday. No spotting today at all. BUT I took an HPT this morning and it was negative. *bummer* Getting cramps on and off. I'm so afraid to get my hopes up. No other symptoms, unless you count being hungry all of the time...but I've been so busy that eating hasn't been a priority lately, so I could ACTUALLY be hungry. So I guess I'm officially 1 day late! I'm keeping those fingers crossed!!

February 19th & 20th Sat & Sun - 16 & 17 DPO - Saturday I had a tiny bit of spotting, I did have to pee a lot today (wondering if I was drinking a lot)no other "real" symptoms. My temp spiked higher than it has been the whole cycle. I seem to be eating more, but that could be stress eating. Sunday got a negative HPT, had more spotting than previously. No symptoms to speak of. Getting very frustrated that I don't know anything yet. My temp also dropped close to the cover line...getting a little depressed about all of this.

February 21st Mon. - 18 DPO - My temp dropped .1 degree from yesterday, I'm feeling like it's not looking good. No cramps in the am, but in the afternoon the cramps have returned and are pretty severe, with them being this bad I expect my period to arrive any second. I'm not feeling hopeful about this anymore. This morning felt like a normal day mid cycle. I did some research online and found that there are a lot of women out there who negative HPT's sometimes to even 9 days late, so I'm still holding on to hope, but at this point not much. It has been a long time since I have been this late. *sigh* I hate this waiting.

February 22nd Tue. - 19 DPO - WE'RE PREGNANT!!

We got a faint positive on the HPT this morning!! We are so happy!!!

February 24th - Unfortunately we have miscarried.


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