Monday, February 16, 2009

Spackle and marriage

I'm still pulling spackle out of my hair from the weekend. The den renovation continues despite protests from my aching back and sore knees. Were not even half way there yet and I'm so over it. I want my den back. I want my little corner to be back the way it was so I can go in there and draw, paint, scrapbook or make a card whenever the urge strikes. I have a couple of painting projects I want to start and I can't because of the mess. Spackle sucks ass. We also have 2 dogs and a toddler tracking through the mess we made. I forgot to take a picture but we now have a toddler size handprint right in the middle of the freshly spackled wall. Nice. We did get the largest wall finished, but it's little consolation because of the amount of work that is left to do. My girlfriend is highly ambitious. She thinks we will be finished in time to paint this weekend. We will be gone half a day on Saturday to a basketball game and she wants to be able to paint on Sunday. Ha ha ha ha ha. Very ambitious indeed!

The only bright spot is that my sneakers were ruined yesterday in the process and now I will be forced to buy another pair. Damn the spackle for forcing me to go shoe shopping!

Speaking of scrapbooking, I am getting this when we are through with the remodel and I am so happy! I get all giddy when I think about it.

My boss got engaged over the weekend. yeahhhh. I am SO excited. Can you tell? I get to hear about 2 people planning their wedding. You know. The only other people in the office that I am with 8 hours a day. Talking about weddings, receptions, bridesmaid dresses, churches, invitations, flowers, decorations, showers and honeymoons. Gag me. Does anyone use that expression any more? Gag me with a spoon. Why a spoon? Why not a fork or a knife? Sorry...random thoughts. I just really don't want to hear all of the wedding stuff. It became old long before Cruella got engaged and now my boss is afflicted with it. It must stop before my mouth can no longer contain the evil words floating around in my brain.

He said he would get married before the end of the year so at least the wedding nonsense will stop in no more than 10 1/2 months.


At least 2010 looks promising.

More pregnancy diary coming soon.


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