Friday, February 20, 2009

Pregnancy Part 3 - Week 5 through 8

Week 4 - July 28th - August 3rd

-Well, my stomach has been feeling pretty crummy. It feels hungry all the time, but then I can't eat much. Started having terrible pains in my stomach, I was paranoid but hopeful. I went in for an ultrasound on Aug 2nd, no cysts, everything looked good, but couldn't find a sac because it was too early. I'll go back Friday for another ultrasound and another beta. I hope we can see something by then. Every time I eat something my stomach hurts like hell, I'm thinking it's gastritis. I may overdose on Tums.

-Feeling better, no major stomach issues, I have been able to eat without too much of a problem. My pregnancy symptoms seemed to have minimized a bit. This worries me to no end. I also had a bit of spotting on the morning of Aug 4th, but nothing since. I'm belching and farting like a truck driver. How sexy am I?

Week 5 - August 4th- August 10th

-I had an ultrasound today and we got to see the gestational sac. WHAT A RELIEF! My hcg jumped to 2275 and my progesterone went back up to 29. Everything looked fantastic! Because I have a fibroid in my uterus my RE mentioned that I "may" be at a slight higher risk for a C-section. BUT everything looked GREAT!!! I go back for another ultrasound to find the heartbeat on August 15th. Here's a pic of our precious little one!

-All is well except for some constant mild cramping - which could be anything at this point. I've had some dizziness, a bit of morning sickness, and a lot of fatigue. Jesse seems to have all of the symptoms right along with me. She's being a great sport about it, she's very excited and pats or touches my belly a lot.

Week 6 - August 11th - August 17th

-On Monday August 15 we are officially 6 weeks and 4 days and we saw the heartbeat! Yeah, it was such a relief to see that little heartbeat! I think we can breathe a little easier now and can relax a bit and try to start enjoying this pregnancy. My risk for miscarriage goes down to 10%, so were still cautious, but so very optimistic!!!!

Week 7 - August 18th - August 24th

-Morning sickness hit with a massive boom last night. The nausea carried over to today, but it was much better after lunch. Still feeling tired, and I'm already popping out of my shirts. A friend of mine is loaning me some maternity clothes, I will pick those up today, I can't WAIT! I get to have fun tonight going through all of them. Only 5 more weeks and I will be past the 12 weeks mark. The "safe zone".

-Had a bit of a scare over the weekend with pretty bad cramping and spotting. I called the on-call OB and she told me to rest all weekend and to go to the ER if things got really bad. So I rested all weekend, and by Monday morning the spotting had stopped, but I called my RE anyway. I was able to go in for another ultrasound and we saw a strong heartbeat and couldn't find any problems at all. The cramps come and go and basically I just have to deal with them. Morning (evening) sickness is still a bit of a problem. I'm having trouble finding stuff to eat that appeals to me. AND I've gained 4 lbs. I'm already wearing maternity clothes because I'm popping out EVERYWHERE.

Here's another pic


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