Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shave & a haircut. Two bits.

I thought I would have time this morning to do some should I put this? Landscaping the overgrown bush nestled between my supple thighs.

Did that get you hot?

It got me hot. Oh wait...that could have been a hotflash. (mental note: have hormones checked)

I thought I would have plenty of time as Lin had already left for work, Eugene was still in bed and Molly was watching TV. All I needed was a few little minutes. Just a few. That is not a lot to ask. Except that I can't remember the last time I peed by myself. Except at work. Cause that would be weird.

I was about half way to a perfectly sculpted snatch when my daughter yanked the bathroom door open. I'm so glad she's only 2 because I would have been pretty embarassed had she been old enough to grasp even the smallest notion of what was going on. My face turned red anyway.

So I had to stop. Mid-shave. Is that a word?

So now I look like a before and after picture for a porn razor commercial.


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