Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Butt plugs and dildos

Why I spewed orange Fanta thru my nose and coughed so hard I threw up:

"Mom? What's a butt plug?"

"Ummm, well. Uhhhh, it's a uhhhh, where in the hell did you learn that from?"

"When I was at aunt C's house I watched Angry Kid videos."

"Oh, well uhhhhh.... they are, well...lets see uhhh......shit! Did you get permission to watch those videos?"

"Well, Meg showed me a couple of them, but then I watched more after she left."

"Oh, well uhhhhh, a butt plug is...well, it's something that grown up people use for uhhhhh, well, for sexual pleasure."


"Hey mom?"


"Whats a dildo?"


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