Wednesday, August 20, 2008

As the job turns

I took an online quiz to see which jobs suited me the best. These are my results:

Novelist - It would take way more writing ability that I currently possess for this one to even be in the far reaches of my skills.

Photographer - Don't you have to have a camera for that?

Vet - More education than I have. AND the yipping/yapping/barking/smell of it all.

Medical Technician - More tolerance for people than I have.

Paralegal - Yawn.

Geologist - I find this interesting because I use to work for a geologist and he was a prick. However, I don't have a degree in geology.

Marine Biologist - Again, this would take more education than I have and there is not a whole lot of marine life in Oklahoma. I'm just saying.

Graphic Designer - Another ironic job title. I use to work for a graphic designer. It's a hard business to get in to and even harder to be successful and there's the whole lack of graphic arts degree thing that's hanging out there.

Online Content Developer - Um, what?

Webmaster - I do this already. I built a website for a local restaurant and I maintain it. Go me. I don't get paid for it. Unless you count free food. Then I totally get paid and my ass could totally retire now. Seriously.

Computer Security - Huh?

Producer - Of what? Tell me, producer of what? Canned corn? Movies? Porn? Tomatoes?

Computer Programmer - Okay, now you're pissing me off.

Technical Writer - !

Systems Analyst - !! You hate me don't you?

Meteorologist - Like I could compete with Gary England. Pfft. Also...under-educated I is.

Artist - I would totally be on board with this. I already have my art hanging in the den and if I had more time I could produce more art. I seriously doubt that this position offers major medical. Bummer. This one would fit me more than the others.

Back to square 1.


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