Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ghosts of lunches past

It's funny how as days go by and you get busy with life that you forget certain details of your life. As as I was sitting at a traffic light today I glanced to the car next to me. I noticed that it was a taxi, and then I noticed the gentleman driving the taxi. He smiled at me and slowly nodded his head. I smiled back. He looked so familiar to me and it took about another hour for me to remember who he was.

A few months ago after running errands I needed to eat and decided on McDonald's since it happened to be on my way. There was a lot of traffic and I didn't realize that I had pulled into the drive-thru in front of someone who had been waiting. This person pulled in behind me and honked. I finally figured out what the problem was and I felt horrible. He pulled in beside me to let me know what I had done and I apologized to him profusely and motioned for him to go ahead of me. A minute later he honked at me and motioned for me to go ahead of him, so I did.

When I got up to the window and paid for my lunch and I told the cashier that I wanted to pay for the lunch of the gentleman behind me. He said "Really? Why?" I explained that I had accidentally jumped in line ahead of him and I wanted to make up for it. His response? "Seriously? Why would you pay for his lunch?" 3 times he asked before he finally took my money. $3.47 for his lunch. A small price to pay to ease my guilt.

About 10 blocks later sitting at another stop light I heard a honk. I looked over and saw the man roll down his window, so I rolled down mine. He said in a thick accent "Ma'am, you did not have to do that." "I know sir, but I felt bad and I wanted to make it up to you." He smiled and thanked me and the light turned green. He changed lanes and followed behind me for a few blocks, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw him smile as he drove away.

A small price to pay to make someone smile.

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