Monday, November 3, 2008

Speaking of emails and colons

I'm so getting in trouble for posting this, but I changed the identity so this person will remain anonymous.

This was an actual email conversation.

Jennifer: Hiya!!

Me: Hi! I have cramps. Love, Kathy

Jennifer: Ugh! I'm sorry. I'm constipated. Love, Jennifer

Me: You know, they make stuff for that. You seem to have an ongoing problem. Eugene started taking a Metamucil tablet every day and problems. He no longer spends 45 minutes on the toilet trying to go. WHOOSH!

Jennifer: I'm going to get a colon cleanser this weekend and start taking something like that every day.

Me: Please tell me they don't put a picture of that on the bottle.

Jennifer: I don't think they put of a picture of that on the bottle.

Me: I hope not, imagine if your man-friend came over and snooped through your cabinet and found a bottle with a picture of an evacuated colon on it. Sexy!

Jennifer: Hahaha! Yeah, that will get me laid!

Me: Of course, on the other hand. He may think you did it for him. Ahahahaha *cough*

Jennifer: Bwahahahahahahaha! You're killing me here!!!

Me: You know I'm totally going to blog about this.

Jennifer: Ugh, ok.

So, thank you very much Jennifer for giving me material for my blog. SMOOCHES!


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