Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guess who was in a big damn hurry to get our company Christmas cards printed and sent out?

Guess who didn't bring a proof back to the office for me to proofread?

Guess how many of those cards were stuffed in an envelope, addressed, sealed, stamped and ready to go to the post office?

Guess how many cards we had left?

Guess how many typos there were?

Let me sum it all up. My boss wanted to get Christmas cards out early this year because we have a history of getting them out the week of Christmas and it ends up being a very stressful event. So my boss took the graphic we were using and the mock up of the rest of the card that co-worker created and dropped it off at the printer. I'm not sure who approved the final piece for printing but a proof was never brought to our office for me to proofread.

So today, after co-worker and assistant stuffed all the cards into envelopes, put address labels on them, sealed them and stamped them with only 1 single card left to put in our archives, I decided to give the card a once-over.

Can you believe there was a typo? I know. SHOCKING! How do you not catch a big honkin` typo on a card with a minimal amount of information on it?

Holy BaJesus! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one here with a brain cell to spare.


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