Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The inevitable

I will wear a white shirt on the day I bring leftover spaghetti for lunch. And of course, I will miss my mouth. Not once, but twice. It is inevitable.

I will enter the office bathroom immediately after someone has dropped a stink bomb. It is inevitable.

Someone will walk into my office the minute I shove a huge bite of food in my mouth. It is inevitable.

I will let out a huge burp the minute my boss walks through the door. It is inevitable.

I will answer the phone and say "ABC Company, this is David", because I was looking at David's name while I was answering the phone. Bonus...it was David on the phone. It is inevitable.

When I decide to wait until a commercial comes on TV to change Molly's dirty diaper, she decides to stick both hands down her pants. It is inevitable.

One of my dogs will poop on the floor a mere 10 seconds after I praise him for being "such a good wittle boy for going potty outside!" It is inevitable.

And finally, the most inevitable thing in my life currently is:

I finally found some balls of my own and mention to co-worker that her dishes are piling up and .......she completely ignores me. It is most certainly was inevitable.

Leave a comment....what is inevitable in your life?


1 comment:

Meg said...

I will have something that will cause me to poop at work. Its inevitable!