Sunday, January 6, 2008

Touching the beaver

Me: "Oh my God honey, my boss wore a fur coat to work!"

Lin: "It's not cold enough for a fur coat."

Me: "I know, he looks hilarious in it. It's not one of those long ones, its like a jacket."

Lin: "Did you ask him if the temperature had dropped this morning because you didn't know it was cold enough for fur?"

Me: "No, but maybe he has a lunch date or something and it's his misguided attempt at dressing to impress."

Lin: "Is he a pimp daddy? Is he wearing some sort of hat?"

Me: "Nothing on his head, even my coworker was shocked, we talked about it the minute he stepped out."

Lin: "You didn't laugh out loud did you?"

Me: "No, but I asked him if I cut pet his coat. It's beaver fur."

Lin: "So your telling me that you were petting strange beaver?"


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