Thursday, March 5, 2009

Naked Princess

If you can figure out how to keep clothes on an almost 3 year old, please pass your secret voodoo magic tricks to me. It never fails that 10 minutes after we get home she starts shedding her layers.

Shoes, gone.
Socks, gone.
Shirt, pulled up to her forehead and hanging being her like long flowing hair (ala Lily Tomlin), then gone.
Pants, gone.
Panties (or pullup), gone.

Then? We do the naked dance.

"I'm nakie nakie nakie" all while wiggling her hips and smiling like that she got away with something.

"Molly! Come here! You get over here right now and put some panties on!"

"Neeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww... I'm a naked PRINCESS!" Then the chase is on.

"You can be a naked princess with panties on." Running down the hall.

"Newwwwwwwwwww, I have to be a NAKED PRINCEEEEEESSSS!" She holds up her hand in a stop gesture.

"Princesses wear panties to you know." Slumping to the floor to hold her down in an attempt to get panties on her naked business.

"No. No. No. NAY - KED!" She wriggles free and runs through the house. "Nakie, nakie, nakie."

"Okay, fine. You go and be a naked princess then, just remember that princesses don't pee pee on the chair!" "And they don't get cookies either!"

"Will you help me put panties on?"

"Yes, come here." She inches close to me, smiling, then she takes off running.

I threw her panties at her and gave up.

At least she didn't pee on her chair. This time.



Meg said...

Im a naked princess 2. :) Just not in public!!

Real Live Lesbian said...


And you're wrong. They don't wear panties.

Anonymous said...

Good heavens gal! If you're gonna chase me around and wrestle me to the ground in fun, I wouldn't wear my clothes either.