Friday, March 20, 2009

Ann Coulter-the source of diaper rash

I know that just giving my post a title with her name in it is giving her way more face (blog) time than this woman deserves, but sometimes the anger builds up enough that I just have to let it out or it might just explode through one of a few holes I have in my body. I'm a big fan of not holding things in and I'm an even bigger fan of keeping the current size of my orifices.

I thought that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was bat shit crazy but Ann can out-douche her any day. Having been a single mother at one point in time (and by law I am still considered a single mother) I was completely offended (shocker huh?) by the passage in her book that says "Victim of a crime? Thank a single mother." and then there was a lot more diarrhea that spewed forth from her after that.

I think she says the things she does because she is crazy and lonely and craves attention. She's like a dog. Any attention is good attention. I think she goes home every nights and cries into her oatmeal and masturbates to Rush Limbaugh because if anybody is as hated as Ann, it's Rush.

I feel sorry for her. Here death will be mourned by a lot less than those who will dance in the street.

P.S. If you didn't get the title, it's means that she is a piece of shit.


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Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh I get the title!!!! ;)

Where do these people come up with such crazy shit????