Friday, April 4, 2008

Letter to Satan Kern

Dear Cunt Kern,

As a native Oklahoman I am mortified at the words that spewed from your mouth. As a lesbian I am saddened and outraged that you think I am worse than a terrorist. Tell my two children that would you? Do you realize that there are now millions of people out there who think all of Oklahoma shares your opinion?

How dare you say that I am worse than the people who torture and murder others in THE NAME OF GOD! When is the last time you heard a news report of a gay suicide bomber who gave his life for the gay agenda? When is the last time a gay person kidnapped people in the quest for equal rights? How dare you.

Your right about going after the 2 year olds in our nation. I can't tell you how many times I stood outside a daycare center and handed out pamphlets to the toddlers. Can't read? No problem! I'll just hand them a flow chart with pictures. If I sway 30 more toddlers by the end of the month I will have reached Emerald Level and boy howdy have you seen the prizes at that level? I'm just all a flutter with excitement!

Sally Kern, you do not represent all of Oklahoma. Sadly, there are people here who agree with you, but I can tell you that it will become the mission of gays everywhere to make sure you are never elected into any political office ever again. You are a stain on the great state of Oklahoma. Lucky for Oklahoma we have plenty of gays out there who know how to get stains OUT!

Queerly yours,


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