Thursday, March 6, 2008

Battle of the Cough

Oh internet, how I have missed you.

Where to begin?(insert dramatic music)

On the last episode of Rage Angel, Kathy was in the battle of her life with "The Cough". Disguised as a tickle in her throat, The Cough caught her off guard and waged war on her lungs. Kathy fought back with every weapon in her arsenal. Inhalers, cough medicine with Codeine, antibiotics, cough drops. Sadly, Kathy was exhausted from the daily onslaught. Knowing she had lost the battle with The Cough, she surrendered knowing that The Cough could still be defeated regardless of her surrender.

Kathy was taken as a prisoner and was forced to cough until she either peed in her pants or threw up. It was pure torture but she was determined to live through it and eventually become strong enough to escape her captor. Kathy wanted to see her family again, to laugh, to play with her kids and to not worry about urine soaked underpants. She had a dream of returning to....dare we say....normal.

It's been 16 days since The Cough attacked and Kathy has finally gained the upper hand. The initial battle was lost, but it appears that Kathy is winning the war. The Cough is slowly being forced to retreat. The Cough was no match for the stamina built by Kathy's arsenal of weapons. Be gone you pesky little bug for Kathy will squash you, kidnap and rape your women and burn down your village. You have been warned. (insert evil eye)

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