Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tee hee's and ha ha's

There once was a beautiful lesbian princess named KayJay. Although she is a pampered princess she still has to work for a living. The princess had to run errands for her job and went to Michaels to pick up a few things that will be needed at an event next week.

As the princess was browsing the isles her stomach began to churn. Her stomach made noises she had never heard. She could feel a bubble of gas building inside her gut. Determined not to embarrass herself she clinched her cheeks real tight so she wouldn't let it go in front of people.

It was a futile attempt at propriety. The gas bubble was too much. The strength of a thousand butt cheeks would not hold in what was about to erupt. The princess walked down the candle isle and relaxed.


Thankfully, it wasn't loud enough to be embarrassing. However, the term silent but deadly comes to mind. The princess continued down the isle and stopped to look at different votive holders. That is when 2 other customers starting walking down the same isle. What the princess heard next cause a laughing fit a epic proportions and lots of funny looks her way.

"Oh my gosh!!! Something smells fantastic!"

The princess was so tickled at what had happened that she continued to laugh even while at the register. It's amazing how many people will smile and laugh with you and they have no clue what they are laughing at.

Then the princess laughed happily ever after, back to her 9 to 5.

The End.