Thursday, September 17, 2009


I left the office and had to trek through the park because our parking lot is being re-constructed. I got up to my car and noticed two women in the car next to me. They were snuggling and making out and touching each others neck and face, it was very cute.

Then I got in my car, got settled, reached over to put my seat belt and I glanced over and they were in the midst of having sex. Not full on sex, but one of them was laying back in her seat with the other girls hand down her pants and she was obviously having a great time. So I watched for a minute. They didn't even notice me. I WATCHED 2 GIRLS HAVING SEX!!!! And it wasn't porn on the TV!

It was pretty awesome. It made my day complete. I should have to park in the other lot more often. (As long as I don't step on anymore condoms...yuck)

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Verity Vaudeville said...

Wow! That would never happen here, but it's definitely on the right side of wrong ;)