Monday, December 1, 2008

Cake balls

I will post about Thanksgiving soon, but in the mean time...

I will be making Cake Pops (or cake balls..whatever you want to call them)f or Christmas and I need decorating ideas!!!

Don't know what Cake Pops are? Go here

Then leave me a comment with your ideas!


Meg said...

Make them look like the glass ornaments you hang on your tree, take a gold or silver food coloring gel to make the top where you can attatch the hook and then get a thin piece of candy or make royal icing to make the hook sticking out.oh you could do snow men with different sized balls stacked on top of each other and lil santa balls, lmao!!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh man...I did NOT need to know about cake balls!!!!

Meg has a great idea!

Now I want cake balls for breakfast.

Rage Angel said...

I had a cupcake for breakfast, I say go for it.